One of the necessary functions of any social media analysis tool is ready-to-read reports and datasets. How else are you going to understand if your social media strategy worked out or not?

You can gather all of the data you’re looking for in the application and save it in any form you need. The data that you will find in the app includes:

Depending on the platform and whether you have access to the Insights profiles, you will be able to see a variety of different metrics.

Here are the types of formats that you can download using Sotrender:

  1. Facebook – PDF report, PPTX, XLS report, XLS posts
  2. Twitter – PDF report and XLS report
  3. YouTube – PDF report. Just keep in mind that YouTube changed their Terms of Service and the amount of data that all social media analytics tools can provide has changed.
  4. Instagram – PDF report.
  5. Facebook moderation statistics – If you have activated our Social Inbox feature, you will be able to track the statistics of Facebook comments. This comes in the form of a PDF report.

That about sums up the file formats that are available in our app. Want to check out what they look like for yourself? Sign up for the free trial and test those reports out!

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