New report scheduling options [Product update]

More than 1570 marketers use Sotrender every single day. Every month, more than 1050 reports are being generated in various formats. Since Reporting is so important to our clients, we decided that it was high time to implement changes and improvements to make your work even more efficient.

New feature: recurring reports

We know most of our clients were eagerly awaiting this feature! From now on, it is possible not only to create a one-time report but also recurring reports that are generated at a specified time:

  • Once a week – on any selected day of the week.
  • Once a month – on any specific day (e.g. 1st or 15th day of each month).

Recurring reports are scheduled in the “Reporting” section. After clicking the “Add report” button, choose and create either a one time report or a recurring report.

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Reporting section in Sotrender

In the ‘Reporting’ section, you’ll find both scheduled recurring reports and already generated reports:

  • ‘Recent reports’ tab – You’ll find one-time reports as well as recurring reports which were already generated.
  • ‘Scheduled’ reports – You’ll find a list of planned recurring reports.

It’s also possible to receive an email with newly generated reports to your inbox. When creating a report, in advanced settings, you can now send a report via email to any given email address. You will not only receive an email with the report, but it will also be available in the ‘Reporting’ section of the tool as well.

We hope this new feature will meet all your expectations! It will save time and reduce the amount of work spent on generating reports each month. You won’t have to repeat the process every month, and you won’t even have to remember it. Say goodbye to the times of being forgetful!

We implement more automation in our tool so that you can work more efficiently!

Generating your reports is now more efficient

Although the new design and workflow was introduced a few months ago, we have now implemented several more improvements, making the process of generating a report more intuitive.

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The process of generating a report in Sotrender

Remember that you can always generate a few reports at a time, for a selected channel over a single period. The only thing you have to do is to mark the profiles you want to generate reports for.

But there is one new thing that’s been added to this process. Once all the settings are ready, you’ll see a window with a summary of the report.

summary, button, reports

The ‘Summary’ button in Sotrender

Here you can check if all the selected parameters and data are exactly what you wanted. If not, it’s still possible to return to a previous step and make any changes. This feature is especially important when creating recurring reports.

summary, report, generating process

Summary of a report in Sotrender

Generating reports in Sotrender is now easier, quicker, and more coherent – whether you making new recurring reports or one-time reports.

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A more intuitive calendar

Sotrender now has a new calendar – in every part of the tool. That includes the ‘Reporting’ section and when analyzing any aspects or data for a selected profile.

New and more intuitive calendar in Sotrender

Let’s look at the calendar itself. On the left-hand side, choose between selected time periods, e.g. this month or the last 7 days. And if you want to manually select a time period, you can now do that easier than ever. Click once to set up a start date, and click again to set an end date. Hit ‘Apply’ and you’re done!

Note that you will see two different time periods in the calendar. The period above informs you about the dates which are currently set. The one below informs you about the period which was just chosen.

Our new calendar is another improvement to make your work even easier than before!

Password preview

This change isn’t as essential as the other ones, but there’s a lot of clients who will benefit from it daily. When you log in (or when you sign up), you can now preview the password which you’re typing in. All you have to do is use the icon on the right.

password preview, sotrender, log in, register

Password preview in Sotrender

We’ve also altered the current time zone-display, making it clearer.

Add profiles quickly and easily

It’s not only a change in the design: most importantly, it’s a change in the speed of searching for and adding profiles to your account.

Moreover, the division between channels – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – is much clearer now.

add profile,

Adding profiles in Sotrender is easier than ever before!

New registration flow

The last thing we changed mostly concerns new clients, generally anyone who’s going to start their journey with Sotrender. Meaning that we changed the registration process. We simplified it so that it’s now much easier to fully register your account and start using the tool!

What do you think about these recent improvements? More is yet to come! We’ll keep you informed, but let’s wait for 2018 to start! 😉

Some features have changed. Here's our most recent product update!

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