Once you decide to run an Instagram profile, one of the key aspects will be the content you publish. It has to be well thought out and planned, but that won’t guarantee you success.

What is equally important is your audience, and more precisely, their reactions to your content. 

Let’s see then what are the best ways of checking your Instagram post analytics, as well as your audience preferences.

Why should you even care about your Instagram post analytics?

Analyzing your content performance, including posts, stories, reels and other formats, will help you understand:

  • if the strategy that you crafted is right,
  • if your posts resonate with your audience interests and expectations,
  • which of your content is most liked by your audience,
  • what type of content you should keep on publishing, 
  • which posts you can definitely give up on in your communication. 

Ultimately, this is your content that will be attracting new users to your profile, so it should be relevant to who your target audience is.

Start analyzing your Instagram posts

How to see my Instagram post analytics on Instagram

Obviously, you can analyze your posts on Instagram directly. 

However, in order to get access to more data than just the number of likes and comments under your posts, you’ll have to convert your personal profile to a business profile. By doing so, you’ll get access to Instagram Insights which offer more performance stats.

By using Instagram Insights you can analyze your posts with regard to the post type (photo, video, carousel) from the last 2 years. However, unfortunately, you won’t be able to analyze posts from a given period of time, for example from Q1 2022 – you have to use the predefined time periods (e.g. last 30 days, 90 days, or 7 days). This is a huge limitation, for example, when you need to monitor posts from specific campaigns only.  

Another drawback of using Instagram Insights is that it is available from your mobile device only. Even though that gives you an opportunity to check your data on the go, the reality is that you do the majority of your work from 9am to 5pm when sitting behind your desk… To some extent, however, you can access your insights from a desktop, and here is how you can do it

A more effective way of checking your Instagram post performance 

Even though you may be looking at your Instagram post analytics for free on Instagram, there must be a reason why thousands of marketers worldwide are using social media analytics apps on a daily basis. 

It’s how the data is presented and how easily accessible it is, which makes people choose third-party tools.

Sotrender, which is one such tool, facilitates the process of tracking your key Instagram metrics.

Right after connecting your profile to the app, you can head over to the content section and top posts tab specifically.

instagram top posts

Checking your Instagram top posts in Sotrender is pretty easy

To get the most out of your data, you can sort all your posts from a selected time period by:

  • total reach,
  • number of impressions,
  • Activity Index (total engagement),
  • number of likes,
  • number of comments,
  • number of post saves,
  • the sum of all activities.
brand's posts on instagram

Checking your brand’s posts in Sotrender

For your convenience, by clicking on the post preview you’ll be redirected to your post on Instagram (for example, if you need to check this post’s comments specifically).

See your top posts

Note that you can analyze all your stories in a similar way, too. 

To get a broader understanding of your posts’ performance, consider heading to the following sections in Sotrender:

User activities

Do you know how, in general, your target audience interacts with your content? 

If your goal is to engage Instagram followers, you’ll be happy to see mostly comments, shares and replies on your user activities chart, instead of likes. The reason is simple: likes don’t correspond with an engaged community.

user activities on instagram

Checking your followers’ activities in Sotrender

On the other hand, a high number of saves is also a great sign, as it means your content is helpful for your followers and they’re willing to go back to your posts in the future. Consider investing more time and effort in creating similar content.

Share of activities by media type

You now know how each individual post performed. But how does the activities by media type breakdown look? 

Maybe your audience prefers image posts over video posts? Or just the opposite, maybe your Stories gather more activities than other types of content?

Analyzing the share of activities will give you a clear sign in which post types you should be investing more. 

share of activities by media type

Analyzing share of activities by media type in Sotrender

Analyze your Instagram content performance

Why should I choose an external app over built-in analytics?

Let’s quickly summarize what are the benefits of using a third-party app, like Sotrender.

  1. You’ll get easy access to both your current campaigns, as well as past campaigns (including ads). 
  2. All your data will be visualized much better.
  3. You can track your KPIs for any time period from the past (even a very specific one).
  4. You’ll gain extensive knowledge about your audience and content performance.
  5. You’ll save time on gathering and presenting your data, as well as preparing monthly reports.
  6. All of that will enable you to finally make data-driven decisions that will support your business goals.

Analyze your posts and keep on creating!

We hope that now you know why Instagram post analytics is so important and how to run such an analysis.

If at some point, you feel that you’re completely drained out of content ideas, we’ve got that covered, too! Check our article with 32 Instagram content ideas that will curve any marketer’s creative block!



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