Naked truth about porn on social media (INFOGRAPHIC) by Sotrender & Pornhub

Are you a big fan of porn? We’re sure you are, even if you’re not willing to admit it. The numbers speak for themselves. Porn stars are extremely popular, not only across loads of websites devoted to XXX movies, but also across social media sites, where they’re gaining more and more attention. “But how?” you […]

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United Kingdom General Election 2015 – parties’ communication on social media [REPORT]

The UK General Election is coming and it’s coming quick. Parties are doing their best to gain support for their electorate and as many floating voters as possible. Their campaigns take place in many different arenas, and social media is one of them. However, it’s not a very friendly space for politics and politicians. Social media is […]

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Politics on Facebook – Election to the European Parliament

The election for the European Parliament is getting closer and closer. Candidates are doing their best in order to convince both the electorate and as many floating voters as possible. Their campaigns take place among others also in social media. However, it’s not much friendly a space for politics and politicians. Social media is often […]

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