Four of the Best Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

There’s no denying the fact: marketing is vital for nonprofits. Whether a charity needs to raise important funds, improve awareness of a cause or encourage local people to volunteer, marketing is the answer. It’s a huge driving force behind donations, and it can be incredibly powerful when it comes to shaping public discourse and making […]

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When should I post on Facebook? Best posting times for industries in the UK

You always hear the same phrase, “content is king”, in a hundred different variations. You spend so much time preparing your content strategy, study your audience demographics and interests, and create a whole content calendar just for them. You might even have hundreds of thousands of followers, but low reach and engagement, so what gives? […]

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Mother Power – The huge success of a small organization

A small non-profit organization from Poland published a Facebook post that managed to collect the immense number of 2 million likes. How could this be possible? And what can small organizations and companies like Mother Power take from their successful story?

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