Managing a YouTube channel isn’t always easy. You  have to make good videos and be creative, but you also need to know who’s on top. Keeping track of the most successful YouTube channels can inspire you and keep up with the latest trends. So which channels should you watch?

  1. Competitors. It’s good to know what they’re up to, which subjects they pay attention to, and what new or innovative campaigns they come up with.
  2. Influencers. They are not your client’s voice, but they do influence their voice (hence the name ‘influencer’). Stay updated by subscribing to their channels.
  3. Your partner companies. It’s always good to know what the people you’re working with are up to, what catches their attention, and how they communicate with subscribers.

Staying on top of the biggest players and most popular trends on YouTube can give you an edge over your competition. Just be sure to have quality and creative content and you’ll soon find success on YouTube.

Start analyzing your YouTube performance

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