In August 2016, Instagram introduced Instagram Stories. Instagram stories allows you to publish photos and videos that are uploaded to your ‘story’. This format originated with Snapchat, but has since been adopted by Instagram and Facebook messenger. It’s a fun way to share your daily activities with your followers.

What are Instagram Stories?

The point of Instagram Stories is to share quick and fun photos. Followers can few these photos/videos in chronological order, experiencing as if it were your personal daily story. And these photos will delete automatically after 24 hours, so you don’t have to focus on their quality or editing so much. It emphasizes fun and honesty more, which your fans will appreciate.

Just make sure your daily experiences are something your fans are interested in. If you days are mostly boring to them, there’s no point in sharing it. Instagram Stories requires more spontaneous charm and wit from you, so make sure you’re up for the task.

Instagram Stories help you, or your brand, to stand out of the crowd, show the human face or everyday events. With the huge, and still developing, variety of features (e.g. filters, stickers) available while creating your own Story it is super easy to create something interesting and not standard!

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Latest updates

Up until now (December 2017) the only way to save our Instagram Stories was to save it (upload) to our phone. Fortunately, in December 2017 Instagram introduced two very useful features (or even improvements we could say!) to the Stories. And they made the lives of Instagram users so much easier!

What are those changes about?

  1. It is now possible to archive our Stories relations. It works just as archiving regular posts and is also visible only to the owner of an account.
  2. Another new possibility given by Instagram is highlighting our Stories. It means we can now select any Story and kind of pin it to our profile – it is possible to add groups made of few Stories we want to highlight and even name them on our profile. And they won’t expire after 24 hours! It is another way to customize our Instagram profiles even more.
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