Yes and no. It is becoming increasingly important to promote your tweets because of Twitter’s algorithm. However, it is not necessary to promote every tweet, and some tweets might just succeed on their own. And since you have spend money to promote a tweet, you’ll want to be sure you’re money isn’t wasted.

You should promote tweets that can give the most back to you. So those would be tweets that:

  • Promote your product,
  • Will get you more followers,
  • Will get a lot of engagement.

It’s hard to know which tweets will succeed in advance, but you can learn which tweets performed best by analysing your Twitter profile.

Start analyzing your Twitter performance

What is promoting a tweet?

Promoting a tweet is paid a service that is done through Twitter Ads. Promoting a tweet will make the selected tweet appear to everyone under the selected criteria. You set how much you’re willing to pay for this promotion, with an estimate of how many people will see your promoted tweet at different price levels.

How do I promote a tweet?

For example, say you want to promote your tweet in the town you are located in. You would have to do something like this:

  • You can choose to promote your tweet from the activity menu of the tweet.
  • From there, you can choose your town as the users you want to promote to.
  • You set your budget, depending on how much you’re willing to spend.
  • Now you confirm the promotion.

Your tweet will now be promoted to your selected audience.


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