Twitter’s biggest value is that it’s fast and direct. People react there quickly and expect a quick reaction from others. If you want witter in your marketing strategy and you struggle with who should manage it – you or some agency – make sure to answer a few questions first:

  • Where does Twitter fit in my strategy? Who do you want to connect with? For what reasons? What do you want to offer my followers? The more goals you have with it, the more you might benefit from an agency.
  • Can I be active on Twitter throughout the day? Because of it’s nature, Twitter require constant checking, posting, following etc. You need to be prepare for what’s going on and sometimes post something spontaneously. Look for a team to help you if you can’t be online most of the day.
  • Can I stay informed? Twitter is always changing. Do you have the time to follow new trends and news? It’s hard to find success if you can’t keep up with what’s relevant.
  • Do I like being ‘social’? Do you use social media regularly? Do you like to engage with people? Are you interested in what they’re sharing? Twitter is a  two-way relationship, and you need to engage as much as you get engaged. If you aren’t social enough to interact with others, an agency can help you.

These questions will help you understand if you’re capable of handling Twitter successfully on your own. If you’re still not sure – we encourage you to observe the Twitter community, read some articles about it, and see what your competitors are doing on it. This information will help you decide whether hiring someone else to be on Twitter for you is the right choice.

Start analyzing your Twitter performance

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