The answer to this question will depend on your marketing and PR strategy. However, there are a few groups of people who you should follow no matter what. Follow these rules to ensure that your business is kept up to date.

  • Follow your competition. It’s always good to know what your competitors are doing. It’s common that people and brands love to show off on social media – use this to your advantage and take some notes.
  • Follow your industry influencers. They speak loud and usually have useful info to share. And referring to them makes you look more credible.
  • Follow the people who follow you. This is the best way to stay in contact with your audience and to keep up with they are interested in.
  • Follow your coworkers and business partners. Show them you care about their opinions and interests.
  • Follow your employees. They’re often the best brand ambassadors you can have.

Start analyzing your Instagram performance

These actions will help you reach your audience and get to know them better. It will also provide you a permanent source of information about the industry and help you to connect with new people and brands.

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