Do you want to embody new creative ways to engage your Instagram followers? Is one picture not enough for what you want to share with your audience? Do you need to introduce an offer through a variety of images? If you answered ‘yes’ at least once, then an Instagram carousel post might be something for you.

What is an Instagram carousel post?

Instagram carousel posts are multiple image or video posts. This format was designed to publish up to 10 photos or videos in one single post. To see them all, users need to swipe through the pictures. They can function as organic or paid posts.

When Instagram carousel posts are useful?

Carousel posts might be a creative way to present multiple threads and topics. Through this post format, you can, for example:

  • create a catalogue of products,
  • present a listing,
  • make a step-by-step guide,
  • introduce a new product with its detailed pictures and descriptions,
  • share a message that heightens the suspense,
  • create a history through pictures, where every following image is the continuation of the previous one.

All in all, carousel posts are simple, yet engaging. They gradually reveal the idea behind them and can be really attention-grabbing. What is also important, they can contain a lot of content, whether it is text or images.

Where you can use Instagram carousel posts?

Instagram carousel posts can be used either on your Instagram profile (added as a regular post) or as ads. Since Instagram ads are managed through Facebook, you can create them in Facebook Business Manager.

Here’s, for example, a very detailed presentation of Adidas’ new Strung model. They used Instagram carousel post to tell a story about Futurecraft concept created for runners. The first picture demonstrates the model in full effect, the next ones show the art of sewing, with a very detailed, macro images.

Adidas did it pretty well. They grabbed attention with an attractive picture of a new, colorful and fancy shoe model, and then, they used the following images to build a story around it.

How to measure Instagram carousel posts results?

Instagram carousel posts tend to gain higher reach and engagement than regular posts. To understand your Instagram performance better, you can compare different Instagram posts results (both organic and paid) using a social media analytics app like Sotrender. This way, you will see which type of content serves your audience best, what is worth your time and money and what should be the direction for your Instagram marketing strategy.

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