If you’re running a business, at some point you’re going to run into some competition. It’s not necessarily a bad thing though, as it can help you to strive harder to be the best in whatever you’re doing. Twitter can be a competitive place, and you have to track your competition to make sure they aren’t getting ahead of you.

Why is it important to identify my competition on Twitter?

It’s important for the same reasons that it’s important in the offline world. Once you know who your competition is, it is easier to keep track of them and to see how you are doing in comparison.

How do I Identify my competition?

There are a few ways to identify your competitors on Twitter. One of the easiest ways is to go to your competitor’s websites. You likely know a few of your competitors from offline. You just have to go to their website, Facebook, and LinkedIn to check if they have any links to a Twitter account.

Another effective tool is to merely search them up on Twitter and see what they are up to directly. Many businesses use Twitter, and it’s very likely that your competitors are among those businesses. A simple search of their name should show if they are there or not.

You can also use Sotrender, to check your competitors’ profiles and check the interests of their fans. But remember – don’t just copy them. Be yourself. Your brand’s tone of voice should stay strong and shouldn’t be the same as everyone else. It always helps to stand out.

Start analyzing your Twitter performance

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