There are many ways to promote your brand using your YouTube channel – as long as you have quality content.

Start from the beginning

Start by using all the tools that YouTube offers. This means including a detailed video description and a catchy title that will attract viewers. Remember about adding call-to-action buttons – to subscribe to your channel, comment, or like your video. A good idea is to start promoting your videos with your friends – show them your video by sending it to them or sharing on your other social media channels. Just make sure you don’t spam or annoy them with it!

Be active everywhere you can

Always keep other social networking sites in mind. Be active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Instagram and try to add a link to your channels whenever possible. If you have a company website or blog – add YouTube links to your videos there. And remember about social media buttons – put them in a visible place on your website.

Reach out to people

Try email marketing and sending your videos to your customers via e-mail. Press releases are also a great way to contact bloggers and editors who might be interested in you business. They might even ask to collaborate with you in some way.

Try using ads

Consider paying for advertisements. Google AdWords is used to advertise on YouTube, and it’s a cost-effective and powerful tool for promoting YouTube videos. If you have the budget for it, just hire a YouTube video marketing company or somebody you can trust to make quality YouTube ads. These methods will help guarantee your ads will promote your videos effectively.

There are a lot of ways to promote your YouTube videos. Try these methods and see which one is best suited for you.


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