Often business owners are not very eager to use Twitter because of the high amount of negativity on the platform. However, negative feedback is manageable, and can often turn into a positive for your business. As long as you handle it correctly.

  • Don’t get into a shouting match. If someone is aggressive or rude, respond with patience and kindness. If you start being negative to them, then you’re just as bad. Respond politely. And if you can, try to joke about it in a way that your positive follers will appreciate.
  • Be honest. If you did something wrong – apologize. If you didn’t do something on time – do it now and explain why you were late. Dodging the truth will just damage your rapport with your followers, so avoid it.
  • Figure out something! If someone complains about your actions and you can find a solution for this person – Do it. Promise to help – but only if you can. Just never promise to do something you can’t guarantee.

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