Instagram Stories are personal galleries that you add photos or videos to daily. The gallery can be seen by your followers, and each post deletes after 24 hours.

You can also look at other people’s galleries. When you tap one of them, a gallery of the user’s uploaded photos/videos begins. You can switch to the next picture by tapping it once, instead of waiting for the timer to end.

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How do I create an Instagram Story?

  1. You can add an Instagram by tapping the ‘Your Story’ icon with your profile photo. You’ll also see updates from you friends in their Instagram Stories next to your icon.
  2. Next, take a look at ‘Story Settings’. Modify your privacy settings for each individual story you publish or for all of your stories from your main Instagram settings. Just go to your Instagram profile and click on the settings wheel icon at the top right and find ‘Story Settings’.
  3. Tap ‘Your Story’ to start adding posts to your Instagram Story.
  4. Now use the icons at the bottom of your screen to configure the flash settings (if you’re taking a photo), take a photo or video, or switch the between front and rear-facing cameras.
  5. After finishing your photo or video, you can add text to it or draw something by using the buttons at the top of the screen. You also can cancel it and start over.
  6. Tap the checkmark if your Instagram Story is ready.
  7. When you first tap on your story, you’ll see three dots at the bottom right. Tap the three dots to bring up options: delete, save video, share as post, and story settings. You can also see the number of people who’ve seen your Story at the bottom of the screen.

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