Finding an Instagram Story is quite easy. Most of your followers will not have trouble finding it.

How will people find my Instagram Story?

Instagram Stories are automatically shown at the top of user news feeds. They will see new photos added by you and – if they haven’t seen the newest photo or video yet – your profile photo will appear in the icon. To see your story, all they have to do is tap on that icon.

To change to the next photo or video, your followers just have to tap the screen. They can close the story by swiping down on the screen or by tapping the right corner of the screen.

Your Instagram Story can also be seen from your profile – if there’s a new Story, which was not seen yet, other users will see a colorful background around your profile picture.

Start analyzing your Instagram performance

Another place where your Instagram Story can be found – which quite a lot of users are not aware of, is the search feed.

  • One case when your Story may show is under specific locations – of course this is only when you tag this specific location in your Story.
  • A Story may be also kind of highlighted by the Instagram Algorithm and shown to other users as a suggested one which is popular among people who has similar interests to each user. In such a case, people will see these kind of suggested Stories just after entering the Explore Page at the top of the screen.

Of course both these cases above regard the situation when a profile is public.

An Instagram Story which shows in the search feed/explore page may gain much more engagement and in turn the profile itself may gain more new followers.

A lot of people claim that you should not care that much about your Instagram Story, well…you should – at least a bit – if you want to reach new followers 😉

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