Instagram Stories are the hottest content type on the platform. It’s promoted by Instagram, it gets better reach and people love it, even though it’s very ephemeral type (Stories disappear after 24 hours). But did you know that you can analyze their performance?

If you have a personal account on Instagram, you can only see who saw your Story. You get more data when you switch to a Business Profile. After that, you get access to Instagram statistics from the app itself. It’s not very convenient – if you want to do a comparative analysis, analyze your performance in a longer period of time, see which Stories performed the best, it would be tedious and tiresome.

Did you know that there are special tools designed to help you understand the Instagram stats and show them in one place in an comfortable way? Sotrender is a social media analytics tool with advanced Instagram analytics. You can analyze your performance, followers (not only their demoghraphics, but also when they are online, their actions on Instagram), content and even benchmark with and follow your competitiors. Cool, right?

‘That’s not all. You can analyze Stories in Sotrender, too.

You get following metric for each Story:

  • reach
  • impressions
  • replies
  • exits
  • taps forward
  • taps back

Start analyzing your Instagram performance

Knowing that data, you can decide what Stories were the most engaging for your followers, which caused the highest number of reactions and which Stories your followers didn’t like. And knowing all that, you can improve your Stories, make them as engaging as ever.

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