There are a few ways to get paid for what you do and publish on Youtube.

  • AdSense. It’s a great way to start your marketing activities on Youtube. Setting it up is easy, and you can start even if you have only one video published. Your earnings depend on your country and the kind of videos you share.
  • Cooperation with brands. There are more and more brands that want to involve Youtubers in their marketing strategy. Sometimes you need to obtain a massive reach to be noticed, but more often you have to produce engaging content and be an expert in relevant subjects.
  • Affiliate marketing. Join some partnership programs or affiliate networks to start earning money on referrals hidden in links or banners.
  • Crowdfunding. People are increasingly willing to support the people they watch and appreciate. So at some point, you can start thinking about involving your audience in your funding.
  • Selling their own products. Some YouTubers decided to sell products connected to what they do or based on them. T-shirts, keyrings, or wallets shouldn’t surprise anyone. This often becomes one of the main ways they earn money.
  • Advertise your business and convince people to get involved and buy what you offer. It works wonders for personal trainers, coaches, or make-up artists.

Start analyzing your YouTube performance

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