Instagram is constantly adding new features to make the app more appealing and more attractive to its users. One of the features, which already exists but is changing from time to time is Instagram Live. Instagram Live simply gives you the possibility to add videos in the real-time.

What is Instagram Live?

Instagram Live videos are a part of Instagram Stories, so you will always find them at the top of your screen while using the Instagram app (they will be marked with a “Live” sign). You may wonder, what is the difference then between Instagram Stories and Instagram Live? Well, there are some significant differences actually. First thing is that any live video can last longer than 15 seconds, which is quite a big thing. Another thing, which is on the other hand quite obvious, is that live videos are transmitted in real-time. But just as Stories, Instagram Live is also available for all the Instagram users.

How do I run Instagram Live?

It is simple and very similar to Instagram Stories. Tap the camera icon, in the top left corner, just as you do to upload an Instagram Story. Then just switch the option to “Live”. Tap ‘Start Live Video’ and there you go!
You will see all the likes and comments (note that you can turn the comments off or moderate them). You will also be informed about the people who are joining your transmission and the total number of watchers. All of these will be visible not only to you but also to anyone who is watching your Live video.

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When and why should I use Instagram Live?

Any kind of events are good for that – concerts, business events, workshops, some special celebrations or backstage situations. You can also use is as a kind of chat – to talk to your followers or inform them about something new. Another good idea is to also show your (new) products, especially in real life situations, emphasizing the benefits they provide.
Lately, Q&A live transmissions are also becoming quite popular.
As we mentioned when speaking of Instagram Stories, Instagram Live can also help you to get closer to your audience, show them the human face behind your brand and some exclusive and unique backstage events. Remember that it’s just another way and possibility to reach people.

Most probably not all my followers were able to see my Instagram Live, what now?

No worries, some time ago Instagram also introduced the possibility to save your transmission (to your phone) and/or share it in your Stories (it will disappear after 24 hours) – in this case, people see all the comments and likes as they were in real-time. Of course, when people are watching the video after the actual transmission took place they cannot comment on it. They can only respond to you in a Direct Message. Anyway, they don’t lose much 😉

What is new when it comes to Instagram Live?

The latest improvement (from October 2017) is that you can add guests/other Instagram users to your Instagram Live transmission. Then, your followers will see on their screen both you and your guest (the screen will be divided into two). How can you use this new possibility? E.g. to have some kind of small interview or discussion. What is worth to remember? For now, you can add only one person as a guest to your Instagram Live and he/she must be already watching your video.

Ok, so now I’m definitely ready to run my Instagram Live!

Yes and no. You know quite a lot but this is only the theory. You have to practice a lot. Your first Instagram Live may not be perfect. Neither will the 3rd or 5th ones. You have to remember that this kind of transmission is LIVE so you have to be really well prepared for it. And still, you will never be prepared for everything 😉 For example, some technical problems may occur. But what is more important people will comment and react to what you say and what you show and this is what you can’t predict. As we mentioned, you can turn off comments but we don’t advise to do so, as one of your goals should be, and most probably already is, engaging your audience more in what you do. This is why you should prepare some scenarios of what may happen and how you possibly could react and respond to them. We keep fingers crossed that everything will go well but at the same time we are pretty sure that at some point you will have to face some negative feedback as well.

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