If you’re running a Twitter profile and lack tips and new ideas, you might be interested in checking what other people post and with what results.

Would you like to know how you can analyze another user’s Twitter profile? Keep on reading.

An effective way to monitor another user’s Twitter profile

Let’s jump straight into how you can quickly analyze any Twitter profile, and get access to a bunch of different data about its performance.

Using a social media analytics app is the only way of benchmarking social media data, including Twitter stats, in an organized way. Sotrender is one of them, so let’s see how it works and what it has to offer in terms of Twitter analytics. 

In order to understand it all better, we’ll be looking at the official Kiehl’s Twitter profile as an example today. 

Number of followers

Let’s start with some basics.

Most probably you’d like to know how big a specific profile is – how many followers it has, and how fast it is growing. 

If you decide to use Sotrender, you can easily check it right after connecting a profile to the app.

number of followers on twitter

You can easily check the number of followers of any profile in Sotrender

You can also monitor the increase in the followers’ growth, meaning how many followers a profile lost or gained on a specific day. If you happen to notice significant changes during some periods, you should definitely check what was posted at that time. It will help you understand, for example, what content attracted so many new followers to the profile. 

By creating a comparison group, you’ll be also able to compare different profiles to each other, not only their sizes but a bunch of other metrics, too. Here is an example:

compare twitter profiles

Compare profiles of your choice in Sotrender

Analyze any profile’s growth

Tweets’ analysis

Let’s now jump to the section that usually generates the highest interest, which is content analysis.

Once you select a time period for your analysis, Sotrender will pull out a list of all tweets posted at that time. You can sort them by various metrics, e.g. the number of retweets, likes, or the total engagement.

checking tweet stats

You can easily sort all your tweets in Sotrender

This analysis will help you learn more about:

  • at what times and days a profile is posting, 
  • how often the tweets are published,
  • what types of tweets these are (e.g. a link, a photo or just a text),
  • what is the main focus and tone of voice,
  • which tweets gathered the highest engagement, meaning which ones were the most interesting for a target audience.

Monitor tweets’ performance

Hashtag analysis

Hashtags are strongly connected to the content that is being published on a profile. Apart from the branded hashtags, these can be a great source of inspiration and a way of tweaking your content performance and reach. 

Sotrender will inform you, for example, what was the engagement per each tweet (which is reflected by the Activity Index). You can also monitor which hashtags were used the most often, or which ones were retweeted most frequently. 

twitter hashtag performance

Monitor hashtag performance in Sotrender

Analyze hashtags usage

Reach and engagement analysis

Usually, it’s not possible to analyze reach for somebody else’s social media profile, as it’s an insight metric, and the same is with Twitter. However, what you can do is analyze the engagement on a selected profile.

For example, you can monitor how many users interacted with a profile’s content in a given period of time. 

engaged users on twitter

Checking the number of engaged users on Twitter

…or you can head to the Activity Index section, where you can find an aggregated engagement metric. As it counts all the activities within a profile, it’s a great measure of a profile’s performance. 

checking twitter engagement

Activity Index is a Twitter engagement metric

You can also monitor how many tweets were posted and how many replies were given, which is basically monitoring a profile activity. 

brand activities on twitter

Checking brand activities on Twitter

Analyze engagement on any Twitter profile

Can I analyze another user’s Twitter profile directly on Twitter?

One thing that you have probably thought about at least once was: ‘Let’s just open the profile I’m interested in and check their content with its results.

This is not a completely irrational idea, however, as you may know already, this method of checking another user’s Twitter profile could be a very time-consuming and tedious process. Especially if you’d like to monitor a few different Twitter profiles regularly. 

Although this will let you analyze some data, they won’t be aggregated in any way. So, for example, you’ll be able to see the number of likes, comments or retweets every tweet had, but you won’t know the total monthly engagement or top tweets. And you’ll have to keep scrolling for hours to understand a profile’s strategy or tone of voice.

What about Twitter Analytics, you may ask? Well, you have only access to your own performance there, and it’s not possible to access another user’s Twitter Analytics panel. 

Why should you be interested in analyzing another user’s Twitter profile?

If you’re treating your Twitter presence seriously, you should be monitoring your competitors’ profiles in order to:

  • stay up-to-date with what is going on in your industry,
  • evaluate your pace of growth and other important metrics compared to your competitors,
  • optimize your strategy based on those findings,
  • gain inspiration for your future content.

Analyzing a Twitter profile can be a piece of cake

No matter if you want to conduct a comprehensive Twitter audit or just a quick comparison analysis, we hope now nothing will be holding you back! By choosing one of many third-party social media analytics tools, you will be able to discover plenty of insights about another user’s Twitter profile.