Just because it’s possible to buy Facebook comments and likes doesn’t mean you should. Instead, you should focus on building a loyal fanbase that will be willing to engage with you. 

From time to time, you might come across a Facebook Page that was recently published but has thousands of comments under their posts. It definitely looks suspicious if the same Page has almost no fans that regularly follow updates from them. So why are people buying Facebook comments?

Why you shouldn’t buy Facebook comments

Having a large number of Facebook comments might make your Page look more legitimate, but it’s more likely to damage your reputation than help it. It looks like it will provide social proof, but that’s definitely not the case. This is a deceptive tactic that will not only make your business seem less trustworthy, but Facebook might actually punish your brand for doing so.

Negative company image

The entire logic behind brands buying likes is that it might make them seem more credible and legit. The opposite is true, though.

  • A larger audience won’t want to follow a Page that looks like a scam
  • Your content will look less valuable if only bots are commenting under your posts
  • It makes your brand look desperate for attention

Many fans or potential customers on a brand’s social media profile will look through comment sections to find reviews of products. Users might look through your comments to see non-informative responses and spam. This could lead them to believe that you don’t actually have regular customers or followers, and that your whole Page might be a scam.

Inaccurate data

Typically when you want to assess how effective your social media campaign was, you do the following:

  • Prepare content for a specific audience
  • Upload the content
  • Analyze how your content performed and audience’s activity
  • Adjust your marketing/community management strategy according to your analytics

Bought comments will only obfuscate the actual performance of your Facebook Page. You won’t know how to adjust your Facebook strategy if your data isn’t accurate.

For that reason, it’s best that you moderate spam and unnecessary comments.

Can you be punished for buying comments?

Although your Page won’t be taken down immediately if you buy comments, the algorithm will punish you.

Facebook’s algorithm will detect any suspicious activity on your Page (and this includes spammed likes and comments). Eventually, your real fans won’t see any posts from your Page on their feeds anymore. However, Pages with the most legit engagement do tend to grow with time.

In case you missed it, Facebook also started hiding likes on posts. Keep in mind that this is still being tested and hasn’t become the norm everywhere. Knowing that, you should reconsider purchasing likes or comments as a general strategy, anyway.

What should you do instead?

It’s better to interact with your fans on Facebook in a genuine way. There are no shortcuts that will immediately drive engagement and help you establish your brand’s image. At the end of the day, it’s recommended that you follow the best practices for managing your community on Facebook.

Briefly, you should aim to:

  • Start discussions with your audience
  • Ask them questions and follow-ups
  • Personalize your responses
  • Repost their content (with permission)
  • Hide or delete comments that contain profanity or are just spam

All of these habits and activities will eventually drive engagement on your Facebook Page. Once you get into the habit of moderating your Facebook Page, you will get real discussions going under a post.

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