Did you know that 79 million of Indonesians use social media and that twitter is the third most popular social service in the country with 17 million users? That’s why at Sotrender we decided to sum up the activities on Indonesian Twitter and visualise them with the help of Pan Wizualny who teamed up with us to create an infographic with the most important data regarding Twitter in Indonesia.

We analyzed the biggest and the most active profiles on Indonesian Twitter. The biggest following has the profile of MetroTV News with over 9.7 M followers. Among the profiles with the highest number of followers there’s also Afgan, popular singer-songwriter and Joko Widodo, incumbent President of the Republic. His profile is also the fastest growing, increasing its follower number by 59% and is the most mentioned profile, too. It was mentioned almost 800 thousand times. For more interesting data, look below!

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Michał Wieczorek

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