We know that it takes very little effort for a follower to like our post, but sharing or retweeting is an active form of interaction. So we don’t get the full picture when we see the level of engagement in Instagram Insights, because it treats likes, comments, and shares in a similar way. The same goes for Twitter.

This is why Sotrender created another index to make it easier for you to understand engagement on your social media profile: the Activity Index!

You might be wondering if it’s similar to our other metric, the Interactivity Index for Facebook. Long story short, it is, but it’s specifically for Twitter and Instagram. Basically, Activity Index is a metric that summarizes activity on your social media profile.

How does the Activity Index measure activity on Twitter?

Here’s how we adjusted the weights for activities on a Twitter profile:

  • Admin’s tweet -> 8
  • Admin’s retweets and replies -> 5
  • Retweets -> 3
  • Favorites -> 1
  • Reply -> 4
  • Mention -> 2

So following our logic, you can see how we calculate it for each day over time.

How does the Activity Index measure activity on Instagram?

Instagram is fairly straight forward. Since Instagram’s API doesn’t allow us to track how many times users have shared your posts as a DM, we’re able to assign weights to two values here:

  • Likes -> 1
  • Comments -> 8
activity index instagram

This is the most basic information about this index in our tool. Would you like to know more about it and how it compares to the Interactivity Index in detail? Take a look at our blog post here.

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