Over the years, social media platforms have enacted changes regarding how much data users can analyze from accounts they don’t own. At Sotrender, we rely on access to API so you can access all of the metrics and analyses. Here is what you can learn about your own profiles and your competition.


Regarding Twitter, you will have access to the same data for your own account and a competitor’s. This will generally make it easier to draw meaningful conclusions about social media strategy performance.

Here are a few examples of the metrics you’ll be able to analyze in Sotrender:

Engaged users over time

Top tweets

Brand activities on their Twitter profile


Although you can analyze data from Pages that you don’t manage, you will still have more data from your own Insights profiles. Here’s a comparison of analyzing a Page that you own and a Page you don’t.

Competitor’s Page:

People Talking About This

User activities

Brand activities

A Page you own (including the previously mentioned metrics):



Source of likes


When it comes to Instagram, you’ll only be able to analyze your own profiles (just make sure you’ve switched your profile to a business profile).

Profile views by days of the week

Online followers per hour

Top posts

Analyze your social media performance

I want to analyze my social media, how do I start?

If you think that Sotrender could be a good fit for your analytics needs, you can sign up for the free trial version of the application and cancel any time. Simply create an account, and add the profiles you want to analyze!