Interactivity Index is our metric that measures engagement from a brand new perspective. InI (as we call Interactivity Index for short) differentiates different kinds of activities by assigning them weights according to their importance to the Page.

People are much more likely to only “like” posts than to engage in discussions with the brand or share content. This is why we decided to create a metric to reflect the level of engagement. Note that InI is a sum, but the activities that we add are given a different value.

In order to summarize all the activities that occur on Facebook we adopted the following weights:

  • Like → 1
  • Comment → 4
  • Text only → 8
  • Multimedia → 12
  • Share → 16

Relative Activity Index is an indicator that makes it possible to reasonably compare profiles that greatly differ in size. It includes only fan activities and Page size. It is calculated by using this formula:

Relative Interactivity Index = fans’ InI/fan number*1000

Engaged users – users who, in a given period of time, were in any way active on the Page. This includes liking, commenting, adding a post or multimedia item, or sharing Page content, it’s all counted as activity. For Twitter, engaged users are the ones that mentioned a profile or re-tweeted its tweet.