Calculating response time is straightforward in Sotrender. It’s a metric that we use for Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll show you how it looks for both platforms.

Basically, it’s the time between when a user posts a comment on your post and the time it takes you to answer them.

Keep in mind that we don’t consider liking a post to be an answer. Mentions of your profile appear as posts on the Page so they are also taken into account. Finally, deleted posts can be taken into account if we managed to gather data before they were deleted. This could be possible since we gather data several times a day.

Here’s how it looks when analyzing Twitter:

And here’s what it looks like for Facebook:

If you want to save the specific graphs you’re looking at, just click on the download button on the upper-right side of the graph. You can also download more data from the app as a report in different formats such as PDF.

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