Benchmarking in Sotrender Ads uses 4 main groups of categories: Businesses, Family & Home, Leisure & Shopping, Public, and over 25 categories within them.

By choosing one of 25 different categories, you can better adjust the one that matches your business profile and gain a more reliable picture of your business against competitive brands in the industry. What is more, by choosing any preferred category you’ll be able to compare your campaign spend with competitors’ spend in the same or different industry.

A default category is the one to whom a particular Facebook profile is assigned. If the category doesn’t match the user’s activity, it can be changed in Facebook settings.

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Below, you can find a complete list of categories together with exemplary businesses and entities which are qualified to these categories.

1. Businesses

  • Commercial & Industrial – car companies, industrial companies, automotive shops, tobacco companies, agricultural companies.
  • Finance & Legal – insurance companies, banks, financial services, legal firms, insurance brokers, loan companies.
  • Hotels & Transportation – travel agencies, hotels, motels, vacation home rental, airports, airport transfers, train stations.
  • Local Business – cash machines, cities, consulates and embassies, parkings, wedding venues.
  • Marketing – marketing agencies, advertising agencies, PR agencies, telemarketing services, media agencies, social media agencies.
  • Materials & Supplies – building materials, household supplies, heating services, ventilation and conditioning services.
  • Product, Service & Equipment – products and services, business entities, trade equipment, office supplies.
  • Real Estate – residences, stockbrokers, real estate developers, real estate agents, houses.
  • Technology & Electronics – computers, software, electronic devices, phones and tablets.
  • Website – app pages, educational websites, entertainment websites, government websites, blogs, e-commerce websites.

2. Family & Home

  • Baby, Toys & Games – musical instruments, articles for babies and children, games and toys, board games, video games.
  • Decor, Furniture & Kitchen – furniture, kitchen equipment, interior design.
  • Education – universities, teachers, dormitories, high schools, schools of art, kindergarten, music lessons, riding schools.
  • Food & Beverage – beverages, spirits, vitamins and supplements, breweries, bakeries, food delivery, foodservice distributors.
  • Pets – pet supplies, pet shops, breeders, veterinarians, dog keepers.

3. Leisure & Shopping

  • Arts, Sports & Entertainment – visual arts, performative arts, sports teams, parks, passages, places of events, dance clubs, night clubs, museums, zoos, escape rooms, beaches.
  • Clothes & Accessories – bags and luggages, clothes, jewellery and clocks, devices.
  • Health & Beauty Brand – brands – cosmetics, health and beauty articles, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment manufacturers.
  • Health & Beauty Services – services – cosmetics suppliers, pharmacies, drugstores, hairdressers, dentists and dental offices, doctors, beauty salons, SPA salons.
  • Media & News – media companies, books and magazines, films, serials, TV programs, book and journal distributors, TV program producers, social media companies.
  • Restaurant & Bar – bars, cafes, food trucks, restaurants, creperies.
  • Shopping Mall – shopping malls.
  • Store – company stores, drugstores, music stores, food stalls, grocery stores, toy shops, fairs.

4. Public

  • Public Figure – producers, writers, journalists, athletes, bloggers, models.
  • Public Organization – social organizations, non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, places of worship, political parties, government organizations, libraries, churches.

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