Twitter UK has 13 million active users, a number that’s still growing. This might demonstrate the power of Twitter, but the real and greatest power is held by Twitter’s influential profiles. Every month at Sotrender, we analyse 20+ industries and show you who really rocks on Twitter – and who you can use as an example for the benefit of your own strategy. And that includes more than just  members of One Direction and other celebs!

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Let’s reveal a few secrets – Twitter, show us what you were made of in June.

Who rules Twitter in the UK?

There aren’t many changes in comparison to May. News sites were still gaining more and more followers and kept them engaged. Gareth Bale’s profile might come as a little surprise. His profile got really popular in June – thanks to the Champions League final he plays in, and because of the place he was born. We’re looking forward to seeing if he can maintain this success in July’s report!


What were the TOP 3 hashtags on Twitter?

Last month there were quite a few things going on in the UK – tragic accidents concerning Grenfell Tower, theGeneral Election, and music events such as Teen Choice or Glastonbury Festival. The most used hashtags were #TeenChoice (because of the awards and choosing nominated artists via tweet), #GrenfellTower – used by people not only referring to the tragedy but also offering some substantial help during these difficult times. And in third,  #GE2017, thanks to the then upcoming election.

What are the main takeaways from Twitter Trends UK in June?

Politics stayed strong, but not only because of the Election

Due to tragic incidents connected with Grenfell Tower, Sadiq Khan – Mayor of London – got a big boost on social media. He rose by 28 places in the ranking and experienced 109% growth.

There were many journalists who attained higher positions this month, therefore making the Journalists industry reach a higher overall rank. They referred to the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the Election, but also to… Richard Hammond’s car accident.


Many were thrilled about the General Election. Parties still did their best, but you can still see the percentage of mentions drop. The campaign was intensive in the very first days of the month – but after all was said and done, parties slowed down with their manifestos, which didn’t stop them from getting more and more followers – especially The Labour Party.



Hello, is it beer you’re looking for?

Well, we’re not sure, but Twitter knows the answer – there’s a steady growth of mentions to be noticed in this category. Is it because of these hot days that made people think about beer (and tag or mention them on Twitter)?


Let’s play a game

Unfortunately, however many sunny days there were in the UK last month, there were also days where it must have been raining cats and dogs. We haven’t analysed it just yet, but were those the days when Xbox UK, Playstation UK, and Nintendo UK got the biggest wave of followers? It’s pretty, pretty likely.


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Automotive buzz

An impressive growth was also noticeable for the automotive industry on Twitter. What deserves particular attention is Volkswagen UK – 11 places up! (despite only 3 tweets in the top 15[a][b]). What made them grow so significantly? Nothing positive: a branding crisis with the emission scandal. Disappointed customers were tagging the brand and leaving hashtags, so the number of mentions grew but not exactly the way Volkswagen probably wanted…



How is she doing this again?

June was the next month in a running trend where J.K.Rowling takes it all. In May, she overtook Donald Trump – in June, no one from the music or sports industry could even get close to her. Her activity and engagement under numerous tweets was just crazy – three times bigger than the next profile in the rank, Little Mix. This might have been because of Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary. Would this trend also be visible in Facebook Trends?


Transfer window warm up

Are you impatiently waiting for the football transfer window in the UK? Well, even if  you’re not, it will be thrilling to watch the impact on followers of each footballer who’ll decide to leave some clubs and join others. We’re looking forward to our July and August editions, as gossip and speculation are just sensational this season!


What were the best trends?

The best tweets belong to J.K.Rowling, who ruled our ranking for the second time. Not surprising at all.

It was an exciting month for Twitter! Would you like to whet your appetite a bit more? Download the full free version of our report, analyze it on your own, or get into your own benchmarking with Sotrender.

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