Engagement is a metric that you have definitely heard of. But how exactly is it calculated on Facebook and in Sotrender? Which one is easier to understand while providing a fuller picture?

We’ll give you a brief explanation of how the two platforms compare.

Facebook engagement metrics

The Facebook engagement metrics are calculated in a relatively simple way. They take the number of interactions such as:

  • reactions
  • comments
  • shares
  • clicks

and count the increase in each of these activities. Here’s how these activities are presented on Facebook Insights.

Sotrender’s Interactivity Index

Basically, Sotrender counts the exact same activities in its engagement metrics. However, we go one step further to summarize all of this data for you.

We’ve developed our own metric called the Interactivity Index (InI). InI is a variable that takes the commonness of the activity into account and indicates the overall trend of activity on your Page. Facebook Insights shows you several lines that represent the different actions done over time by your users. In Sotrender, you can see all of this represented in one line, to tell you the overall engagement on your Page.

I referenced the commonness of the activity, so I’ll explain what I mean by that. “Reacting” to a post is relatively passive, and this is typically the most common form of interaction between a user and you. Meanwhile, sharing your posts or commenting requires more effort. Here’s how we scale the interactions:

  • Reaction = 1
  • Comment = 4
  • Text only = 8
  • Multimedia = 12
  • Share = 16

Here’s an example of how the metric is presented in Sotrender.

As you can see, it’s split according to who conducted the activity. That’s why you can specifically select the Page’s activity, your users’ activity, or the overall activity by both.

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