Hashtags will dramatically increase your visibility if you use them wisely. If your brand has it’s own hashtag that you use in your posts, it can help you improve your e-marketing performance.

Why should I create a hashtag for Instagram?

Hashtags are an important part of all social media communication. If you have your own hashtag and it clicks, it will start spreading and your brand will reach more people. You have to make it your central business tag. Use it with every picture you post. Don’t hesitate to use it on other social media, too. When all your communication is tagged with one particular hashtag, the chances that people will like and start using it in their own posts increases significantly.

How do I create my own hashtag?

Do you have a tagline? A slogan? It’s your hashtag now. If your brand name is unique enough, turn it into a hashtag. Adweek has a great (and short) guide to hashtags:

  • Brainstorm. The hashtag will be representing your brand, but it also needs to be short and sweet. Think of some potential ones based on your name, event etc.
  • Research. Check if it’s already in use. You want to create a community around your hashtag, and you want to start fresh.
  • Promote. Write about your hashtag on all social media. Put it in your flyers and have it in a visible place in your facility.
  • Monitor. Make sure you monitor what people tag with your hashtag, and interact with them whenever it makes sense. Your community is looking to you to be the central pillar of the communication, so make sure nothing goes unnoticed!

With these simple steps, you’ll know, how to make a decent custom hashtag.

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