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How to see competitors’ Facebook ad results?

Running Facebook ad campaigns is a tricky thing. Although you might know the rules of this game, Facebook campaigns do not always work as you wish and imagine, as there are some factors which are beyond your control.

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Can I analyze the competition’s profiles?

Analyzing what your competitors are up to is not just recommended, but a must. Knowing what content actually gets them attention and engagement will help you plan your own content strategy. To cut a long story short, researching your competitors’ successes and failures can only help you improve and get ahead. We’ll show you how […]

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Why should I follow my competitors on Facebook and how to find them?

With the increasing popularity of social media, it’s easier than ever to keep up with your competitors and see what they’re doing. Fortunately, tracking your competitors has been made even simpler thanks to new features on social media channels like Facebook. Why is it important to know about my competition on Facebook? Your competition is […]

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