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Precise analytics for your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles

Data, charts, numbers - all in one user-friendly panel. Set KPIs and check if you reach them. All aspects of social media measurement: reach, engagement, audience, content, customer service and admin activities. Decide in a smart, data-driven way!

data driven

Data-driven tips and precise recommendations

Sotrender interprets data, giving you simple tips and calls to action, while pointing out where you can find even more information. We employ more than 300 advanced data-mining algorithms analyzing your data along with thousands other profiles in order to verify your activities and to suggest improvements.

data driven

Fast automatic reports, customized to fit your needs

Using Sotrender, you save time on reporting. Numbers, figures and insights presented in a clear way help you make detailed summaries of campaigns and periodic reports. You can customize many aspects: scope, period, names, logotypes, etc. Create professional reports straight away!

data driven

Competitors tracking and industry benchmarking: check successes and mistakes

Sotrender enables you to track any brand. You can learn who else in your industry is effective in social media, observe their strategies and effects of communication. Due to the observation of this competitive environment your marketing and sales actions will be more efficient.

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Audience insights, demographics and activitites

Investigate the audience of your communications: fans, followers and subscribers. Sotrender provides demographic data as well as behavioral segmentation of engaged users. This data might be used for measuring effects of campaigns and for identifying particular users: influencers, activists or “trolls”.

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Content analytics & inspirations

In social media "content is king" – the correct choice of content is a key factor for your success. In Sotrender you can check the impact and engagement of various messages. Different forms, like photos, links or video might be compared. You will know which posts are attractive, and which are a waste of time.

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Content management helps publish and schedule your posts

Plan your communication and publish posts on Facebook directly via Sotrender. We guarantee that. You can also discuss various content proposals and gather proposals of content and gather others' opinions and approval

data driven

Workflow management with task assignment

Convert feedback from users into related tasks, assign them to the team member and monitor their realization. No issue will pass unnnoticed or neglected. Take full control over your communication!

data driven

Moderation of communication and flexible alerts

In one stream you can see all activities concerning one or more Facebook profiles you are working on. In consequence, you will be better informed and you won’t overlook anything. Our customized e-mail and SMS notifications will enable you to react faster.

Analytics and actionable tips

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