Sotrender uses big data to help marketing and sales professionals in taking best decisions for social media. For years we’ve been passionate about 2 things: online research and social media. Now we build on this passion to provide you with high-end analytical solutions We don’t limit ourselves to statistics – we go two steps further to help you interpret them and implement the results into practice.


Founders of Sotrender have long track record in academic and applied online research:

Jan Zajac, Ph. D, CEO
Psychologist & economist, experienced consultant & researcher, who speaks 6 languages and cycled around 17 countries.
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Pawel Kucharski, CTO
Coder with 8 years experience in big data, who built a yacht & a spaceship and developed software solutions for MVNO, IM & VoIP operators, TV show & government.
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Dominik Batorski, Ph. D., Chief Scientist
Sociologist, data scientist, senior research fellow analyzing social networks since 2002, who led over 30 major research projects.
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We often cooperate with organizers of conferences and other professional events. Members of our team are frequent and acknowledged speakers on issues like Internet research, social media marketing & measurement, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and their social aspects, big data or customer experience.

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Press & PR

Sotrender Team is eager to work with media, journalists and bloggers, providing the data of the highest quality and comments regarding the Internet, social media, marketing, sales, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and all their social aspects. How can we help you? Drop us a line. lub +48 22 4152333

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