We know everything about social media analysis and our Customer Success Team is always ready to help you.
Do you need help with choosing the right subscription at Sotrender? Do you need a custom report?
Here is how you can contact us.

Customer Success Team

Magdalena Świątek

Magdalena Świątek, Senior Customer Success Specialist

Contact me if you're a client and want to ask additional questions. I'm always here to help customers.

Sales Team

Dominika Rębelska

Paweł Obiedziński, Head of Revenue

Would you like to become Sotrender’s partner? Do you need a report tailored to your needs?
In that case, I'm the right person to contact.

Natalia Mól

Natalia Mól, Junior Sales Specialist

Are you wondering if Sotrender fits your needs? Let me get rid of any doubts and help you choose the best subscription plan! I mostly work with international clients.


Klaudia Żyłka

Klaudia Żyłka, Senior Marketing Specialist

Are you a journalist and want to write about Sotrender, or need data and comments on social media? Let me know how I can help you.

HR & Administration

Aleksandra Frączkowska

Aleksandra Frączkowska, Senior Finance & Rewards Specialist

I am managing the Sotrender office - how can I help you?

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