Facebook hashtags: Should brands use them?

Users love Facebook hashtags! In May 2014 the number of hashtags in users’ posts was two times higher than the number of these posts! Sotrender decided to check the influence of using Facebook hashtags in the posts of brands. We examined a hundred of American and International brands’ pages with over one million fans. Check what you […]

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5 reports by Sotrender you have to know!

Many, many reports. In 2013 we were focused on preparing new articles as much as we tried to expand the offer of our services. As a result, Sotrender which turned 3 years old a month ago, is composed not only of the Analytics processing the data from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but also Console – […]

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How the biggest UK brands use Facebook hashtags to boost their performance?

Hashtags were introduced to Facebook in the middle of June 2013. This feature offers brands new possibilities for your marketing communication. It constitutes a new way for people and business to discover and engage in conversation. According to the official Facebook blog, at least. 

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