Facebook beer pages across the globe

There are different ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Some colour their rivers, some traditionally meet with their friends and drink occasional green beer.. Sotrender Research Team has decided to take a look how strong beer brands are on Facebook in different countries. First of all, we have analyzed the structure of fans of the […]

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And the Facebook Oscar® goes to…

Are you waiting for Sunday Oscar® Awards? We are, too! 🙂 To be honest we were surprised by some of Academy’s nominations and the absence of some movies among the nominees. Sotrender Research Team decided to check what would be the outcome of the Oscar® Awards, if the fans could choose who wins. To do […]

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This Weeks Review of the UK’s Hottest Movie Fan Pages – Week 19

As a week ago, StreetDance The Movie, managed to keep its position of the most liked film page on Facebook, having 380 081 likes. One for the Money surpassed Agent Vinod, the last week winner in highest number of engaged fans. However, when looking at percentages, Iron Sky UK is leaving the competition far behind with […]

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