Facebook likes drop – check the losses in fans

A few days ago Facebook started a massive spring cleaning and purged likes from inactive accounts. As a result we witnessed a significant decrease in the number of Pages’ fans. Sotrender analyzed over 13k Facebook Pages to check how serious it was and which Pages suffered from it the most. See whether the decrease in […]

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Improve your Facebook posts’ reach with new Sotrender tips

Sotrender not only means precise social media data analytics and instant reporting. It also means automated data-driven tips, providing instant data interpretation without the need to analyze charts and numbers. Starting today, Sotrender’s tips include information about reach based on Facebook Insights data. See what is the reach of your posts, get to know how to improve […]

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Fanpage & Twitter Trends Indonesia December 2014

Sotrender and Joy Intermedia are proud to present the fourth edition of Fanpage & Twitter Trends Indonesia. Our report contains data on reach, engagement, and content for 9 different industries present on Facebook in Indonesia with comments from Indonesian experts.

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