Politics on Facebook – Election to the European Parliament

The election for the European Parliament is getting closer and closer. Candidates are doing their best in order to convince both the electorate and as many floating voters as possible. Their campaigns take place among others also in social media. However, it’s not much friendly a space for politics and politicians. Social media is often […]

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Sotrender is changing – new date and time format

Building a SaaS product, like Sotrender, requires constant updates and focus on quality and users’ satisfaction. Sometimes this means bigger changes, like e.g. recent introduction of customer service module. Yet there are also many small improvements and bug fixing (yes, we do find bugs, sometimes – who doesn’t? 😉 ). For example, a few days ago we introduced […]

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Indonesian airlines in social media – infographic

Indonesia is a country composed of 17 508 islands. Therefore air travelling is the fastest way of moving people. This causes fierce competition among airlines which happens also in social media. Take a look at the infographic prepared by Joy Intermedia, our partner in the ASEAN region,  on the basis of the data collected by Sotrender […]

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