Who won the Ice Bucket Challenge in social media?

Recently social media have been overpowered by a surprising and at the same time also impressive trend.

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Analyze and improve your Twitter performance

While developing new features for easy social media analytics in Sotrender, we don’t focus only on Facebook. We are working also on two other popular social media platforms: Twitter and YouTube. Today we’re introducing new set of analytic features. It means more possibilities to boost the Twitter performance both as an individual user or a brand.

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FIFA World Cup in Facebook marketing – you don’t need to be a sponsor to hijack news and engage fans

Recently social media have been overpowered by football excitement. The biting of Suarez,  the staggering victory of the German team over Brazil and finally brave fight for the Cup were only a few pretexts for brands to use the real-time marketing. Sponsors of the FIFA World Cup paid huge money and tired to use the sponsorship also for social […]

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