Check which hashtags work the best for you with Twitter hashtag stats

Hashtags constitute an integral part of communication on Twitter. Obviously their main role is to highlight the topic of a tweet and enable easy and fast searching. By using correctly chosen hashtags, Twitter profiles can significantly increase the engagement of their followers. Thanks to Sotrender’s new feature – Twitter hashtag stats – you will be […]

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Benchmark your Facebook page with Global Average

No Facebook page is an isolated island – there’s always other islands nearby, with people coming to and from all of them. And you might think your island is doing well, but how can you really tell if you don’t benchmark your fanpage to nearby islands? Dropping the metaphor, this means that even if you choose your […]

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New Feature in Sotrender – Content Strategy Module & Post Tagging

Very often, people post the same types of content on Facebook, with each post belonging to a certain topic or category. Now, Sotrender lets you organize your posts into such categories with the new post tagging feature. Now you can compare your posts by category, seeing which groups of posts are performing better than others. […]

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