Activity Index for Twitter and Instagram in Sotrender

Years ago Sotrender introduced the index called Interactivity Index for Facebook which is a collective, weighted rate of all the activities performed within a Facebook page.

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Analyze and improve your Twitter performance

While developing new features for easy social media analytics in Sotrender, we don’t focus only on Facebook. We are working also on two other popular social media platforms: Twitter and YouTube. Today we’re introducing new set of analytic features. It means more possibilities to boost the Twitter performance both as an individual user or a brand.

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Proudly introducing our Sotrender Team!

Hello, dear Friends, Clients, Competitors, Candidates – we are glad to meet you! I’m very pleased to introduce The Sotrender Team – outstanding group of people working daily on providing you the best-ever actionable, data-driven tips for social media. Coding, designing, analysing, selling, promoting and organising. In the office and remotely. From 6 am (several people) till […]

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