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Go Global with Global Pages on Facebook

If you asked any brand what one of their main marketing purposes is, many of them would say “We want to reach internationally”. Nowadays, in the international environment that Facebook provides, working towards such a goal isn’t a problem. So what happens when your brand wants to reach people globally, but they have a different […]

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14 Facebook post ideas for each and every brand

A lack of creativity – like many things in the world – just happens sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s not an irregular event. But nowadays, you need far more than a your average post to attract your audience’s attention instead of losing them to your competitors. And if you don’t enhance your strategy […]

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Skąd przychodzą Twoi fani? | Where your fans are coming from?

Page Like Sources on Facebook

Just a few months ago, Facebook turned 13. At this point in it’s life, people think the platform doesn’t have much to hide anymore.  But based on questions we get everyday, we know that this is not the case. People always have tons of questions about Facebook, with one of the most common doubts people have […]

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