Social Media Optimization by Sotrender – say “hello” to tips for improvement

No matter what we you’re doing, social media optimization is vital for your constant improvement and reaching your business goals. It’s especially important in this field, where everything changes dynamically almost every day – and without optimizing your activities, it can be really tough to achieve your goals, even if you do things step by step.

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Sotrender introduces new pricing

The last few months have been a time of changes for Sotrender. We’ve implemented a completely new look for the tool and added several new features (and we’re still working hard on more). Now, we present to you Sotrender’s updated pricing, marking the first price change in over two years.

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Facebook Global Pages can help you and your users.

Go Global with Global Pages on Facebook

If you asked any brand what one of their main marketing purposes is, many of them would say “We want to reach internationally”. Nowadays, in the international environment that Facebook provides, working towards such a goal isn’t a problem. So what happens when your brand wants to reach people globally, but they have a different […]

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