How to Use Multiple Tools to Build Your Social Media Strategy

Using multiple sources to assess your social media presence is not necessary but can be quite helpful. Tools like Sotrender can give you very good insights into your performance on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube in terms of reach, engagement, communication strategy optimization and much more. However, there are some […]

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How to leverage your content marketing with Facebook

Most companies invest lots of time and money into Facebook, and everyone’s got the same idea: “Every company has a Facebook Page, so we need one too!”. But that kind of thinking can lead to some problems. What if you don’t have any set goals or strategy? What if you’re unsure of what to communicate and […]

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10 questions for the Sotrender Customer – 121PR agency

Have you ever wondered if Sotrender’s solutions are suitable for your company? Will they suit all your needs and challenges you have every single day? And if you actually need social media analytical tool?

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