Dark Social Media, shareability You don’t see

Sotrender Research Team has analyzed the communications of UK IT brands and tech blogs. The results of the research show it’s possible, that the photos no longer constitute the best content to publish on Facebook pages. Although many social media managers may be not aware of this fact, links can be the source of the […]

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Holiday Season on Facebook

In a few days we will all be wishing Happy Easter. We will have more time to relax and spend with our families. But will we have a break not only from work but also from Facebook? We have compared holidays to the prior and following periods in the last years to check if our […]

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Top Water brands fanpages – hydration on Facebook

Recently we have celebrated St. Patrick’s day by presenting you top Beer brands in Americas and today let’s feast World Water Day! This time Sotrender Research Team has prepared the analysis of Water brands fanpages from all around the world. We have searched across the globe for the largest, the most engaging and the most […]

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