Moderation is a necessary part of managing any social media platform. It is a way of regulating content, responding to concerns, and maintaining the quality of your profile. Without moderation on Facebook, your responses would be disorganized. That means you wouldn’t be able to control your brand image and customer service would decline in quality. Moderating your discussions is simply a must.

As a brand, you want to be able to respond quickly and effectively to any comments your fans might have on Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook can make it difficult to look through all of the hundreds of comments that are posted on your page. It may also be difficult to keep track of which comments you or another moderator have already responded to. That’s why it’s better to use an external moderation tool. Where can you find such a tool, you wonder? The answer is right in front of you.

That’s right, Sotrender is no longer just a social media analytics tool! We now have moderation for organic posts and ads on Facebook! Many of you have been looking forward to this good news, and here it is! If you’re a marketer, this should be especially exciting for you. Let us tell you a bit about why. 😉

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What makes our moderation so special?

It may not be clear to you why you should be using Sotrender to moderate your comments and ads. If it is clear, maybe you were considering another tool to help you moderate. But how does Sotrender stand out from our competition? Why choose us over the others? There are three key aspects of our moderation that should make you pick us over the rest.

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Overview of Moderation in Sotrender

Real-time updates

The first thing to consider is that our moderation works in real-time. It takes less than ten seconds from the moment that someone comments on your post until you get a notification about it in the app. You’ll also get a notification if the same person comments again, so you’re constantly up to date with the conversation.

Conversation threading

What’s more, our app has something that no one else has: Gmail-style conversation threading. If the same user comments twice, you won’t have to open a separate tab or look very hard to find the comment. Instead, your conversations will be nested so you can keep track of which user said what. It’s significantly easier to track how the conversation is evolving when you know how one person is responding to you.

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By clicking on the group tile you will be moved to the last comment posted by this user below the post. The newest comment will be centered on the screen and highlighted.

Once you choose a conversation, you can easily switch comments within it, which will be very useful in case of long discussions below posts and many comments.

By using “previous” and “next” button you can easily move from one comment to another to have a view and context of the conversation with one user. Chosen comment is always highlighted.

facebook moderation

Track (all) changes

Another aspect that is important, especially for those doing the moderating, is that our app keeps track of every change the moderator did. All of the actions you can take are logged, including deleting posts, deleting comments or making comments.

You will always be able to track which of your moderators did something. Facebook doesn’t give you the opportunity to track it, but our app does. Once you delete something on Facebook, it’s gone forever, but not in Sotrender. You can also track what each user said and did, whether they deleted their own comment, and so on. The full history is saved for you to access any time.

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Deleted comments in Sotrender’s moderation

Preview posts and ads

As we said before, our app provides you the chance to moderate both organic posts and ads. That means that while moderating in Sotrender you will always see post and ad previews. Specifically, we give you the preview of the post you commented on, so you will have a richer context of what the conversation is about.

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Extended post preview in Sotrender


You can also get mobile and desktop preview when it comes to your sponsored content.

Our app allows you to have full interaction with your fans. You’ll be able to use emojis and mention specific users by tagging them. It’s a necessary feature for sure because you can diversify your responses instead of responding in a monotonous, generic way. Instead, you’ll have the chance to engage your fans more by interacting with them.

Monitoring discussions

If you’re working with other moderators, you need to know what they’re up to. That’s why it matters to be able to see the exact same set of responses at the same time. Answering the same person twice would create confusion, and appear uncoordinated to your fans. Being on the same page allows you to respond and moderate with ease.

Tags are an important component of maintaining order. You’ll need to keep track of the tags you’ve assigned to different comments. Instead of wasting time figuring out if you’ve answered someone, you’ll respond to the unread comments. The same goes for other moderators, you won’t open up the comments they’ve moderated because they’ll be marked as “read”, while you can tag yours as “unread” or “to review”. Using our predefined tags will make it much easier for social media or community managers to organize their workload.

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Also, you will see if the user’s comments were deleted or hidden.

Sort through the comments quickly

As a social media manager or marketer, you need to be able to differentiate between organic and sponsored content. They’re both important, but they serve a different purpose. That’s why it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with your ads. You need to be able to find it first, instead of scrolling through.

If you are looking for specific content, we suggest that you use our filter system. You can always look through the different tags to look through the comments and posts easier.

If you want to only see the deleted comments, you can choose to filter the others out. You can also choose to look through comments that were posted specifically under ads.

facebook moderation

Filters in Sotrender’s moderation

Address client concerns more effectively 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your brand’s relationship with your clients. If you want to build customer loyalty and a positive image of your brand, you have to do it over time, repeatedly. Depending on the service, product, tone, and voice, you will have to answer your fans on Facebook appropriately. If your tone is light or comedic, it makes sense to have a back-and-forth banter type of conversation with your fans. If you’re dealing with sensitive topics, then discretion and empathy are necessary.

Regularly responding to your fans will increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. By showing gratitude and overall positivity, they’ll be more invested in interacting with you. When you take their opinion seriously, they’ll be more likely to come to you if they have any concerns or complaints. According to a study published in the Journal of Marketing and Consumer Research, a brand that efficiently addresses complaints, shows that it values its customers, and engages with its customers, will improve brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. 

You might have to deal with a crisis at some point, and you’ll probably have to deal with it publicly. Moderation allows you to deal with every person writing on your posts individually, meaning that you will make everyone feel heard. That also means you’ll have a chance to sort out serious comments from spam and trolling more easily. Getting ahead of a scandal and taking responsibility for making it better will benefit both you and your clients.

Moderation can help you address any of your clients’ concerns and problems easily. Since the conversations are nested, you can keep track of whether a problem was dealt with successfully or not.

Start using Moderation in Sotrender

Ready, set, moderate!

Moderation is a useful tool when you want to ensure that you’ve interacted with your customers adequately and regulated your content. It’s definitely a reliable way for you to manage your brand image, whether it’s done through your marketing, sales, or customer service departments.

This is just the beginning for Sotrender. Our moderation tool will keep evolving at a fast pace to provide you with many more opportunities. 😉 New features will be headed your way, so keep an eye out for more announcements!


Iva Djukić

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Graduated from University of Warsaw with a Master's degree in psychology. Can be found binge-watching Netflix, reading, or spending time on social media.