One of the most important questions in social media is “How do I measure engagement effectively?” Every social platform has their own way of showing how engaged their users are by your activities. But that’s just not enough sometimes. So in this article, we’ll show you how you can measure your engagement effectively with Sotrender and why we decided to implement our own unique measures.

Why is it so important to engage in social media?

Social media totally changed the way brands communicate with their consumers. Brand monologues turned into a mutual dialogue with customers. Each social media channel has different ways of engaging their audiences, which is one of the core goals of all social media activity. Simply put, engagement shows whether a brand succeeds in getting a reaction from their audience, helping to spread viral content.

Open Forum confirms just how important engaging is. Their data indicates that every user engaged by activities on a Facebook page enables that page to reach 30 new potential fans. By building fan engagement, brands will provoke an emotional reaction with the potential to benefit the brand itself. These benefits are plenty, including product promotion and brand recognition.

How do I measure engagement?

Engagement in social media refers to any time a user reacts to content. And there are tons of possibilities when it comes to engaging users, especially between platforms. But there are some unifying activities between them – liking, sharing, and commenting (but they can be named differently depending on the platform). Different reactions demand differing amounts of effort. The bigger the effort, the more engaging activity.

However, your indicator of good engagement should not be just a sum of the different activities. That will give you a skewed representation of your level of success. That’s why we created the Interactivity Index for Facebook and the Activity Index for other social media platforms – Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. And that’s not all:  if you want to compare two profiles of differing sizes, just look at their Relative Activity Index.

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Like I said above, people are more likely to only ‘like’ posts rather than engage in discussions with the brand or share a brand’s content. This means that each action has a different weight to it, and should be measured accordingly

In order to accurately summarize all activities that occur on Facebook, we established the following weights for user activities:

  • Reaction → 1
  • Comment → 4
  • Text only → 8
  • Multimedia → 12
  • Share → 16

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The Relative Activity Index is an indicator that makes it possible to reasonably compare profiles that greatly differ in size. It includes only fan activities and Page size. It is calculated by using this formula:

Relative Interactivity Index = fan InI/fan number*1000

For Twitter, it’s somewhat different, as we add a profile’s own activity into the Activity Index (why?), so the weights look like this:

  • Admin’s tweet → 8
  • Admin’s retweets and replies → 5
  • Retweets → 3
  • Likes → 1
  • Reply → 4
  • Mention → 2

On YouTube, there’s a limited way to engage with the content, so the Activity index is a bit simpler:

  • Thumbs up + thumbs down
  • Comments → 6

Similarly, Instagram doesn’t allow native reposting, so the Activity Index looks like this:

  • Likes → 1
  • Comments → 8

The Relative Activity Index is counted the same as with Facebook:

Relative Activity Index =  Activity Index/follower(subscriber) number*1000

Who are engaged users?

The last indicator of engagement is the number of engaged users. On Facebook, they are users who were in any way active on the Page over a given period of time. Be it liking, commenting, sharing a Page’s content, adding a post or piece of media, it’s all counted as activity. For Twitter, engaged users are the ones that mentioned a profile or re-tweeted it’s tweet. For YouTube, giving a thumbs up, thumbs down, or commenting on videos is counted. And for Instagram – users who commented on or liked posts.

Knowing all thos metrics will help you understand how people engaged in your communication and improve your social media strategy.

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